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Dr Reda


Cannes - France

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Kosmeteeth dental lab

Rehabilitation of a posterior maxilla with Axiom® BL (Bone Level) implants and inLink® abutments

A 51-year-old patient presenting with tooth 26 missing and teeth 24 and 25 badly deteriorated. The 3 Axiom® BL (Bone Level) implants PX were placed at the same time as the surgical extraction of the roots of 24 and 25 and the lateral sinus lift procedure. After 6 months of osseointegration, the 3 implants were uncovered and 6 weeks later, the healing screws were replaced with inLink® abutments. A screw-retained prosthesis was placed 4 weeks later.

1- Placement of Axiom® BL (Bone Level) implants/ PX in post-extraction and during lateral sinus lift.

2- Bone loss in the vestibular area.

3- Bone filling.

4- 6 months later, during uncovering.

5- Uncovering of implants and placement of compact healing screws.

6- Placement of inLink® abutments (2.5 mm gingival height and 4.8 mm platform ø).

7- X-ray of inLink® abutments on the day of their placement.

8- Transfers in place during the impression.

9- Positioning the analogues in the impression.

10- CAD model of the Simeda® prosthesis, with 25° axis adaptation in 14. The screw channel was centered in the middle of the occlusal side of 14.

11- Final prosthesis ready for a first fitting.

12- Final prosthesis, a guiding fixation lock was placed centrally to aid placement of the prosthesis.

13- Final prosthesis and inLink® integrated lock system.

14- Placement of the final prosthesis simplified by the absence of screws.

15- Vestibular view of the final prosthesis in the mouth.

16- Occlusal view of the final prosthesis, screw channels closed.

17- Post-prosthetic X-ray.

18- Removal of the prosthesis 6 weeks after placement. Excellent gum quality.


As bone filling was necessary when the implants were placed, the use of Axiom® BL implants, Bone Level was preferred to perform a 2 stage surgery. The compact design of the healing screws placed before the permanent prosthesis and the easy prosthetic stage thanks to the inLink® integrated lock system have been particularly appreciated. The aesthetic result is very satisfactory.