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Dr Pierre


Moulins - France

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JDL dental lab

Complete rehabilitation by screw-retained bridge on 6 Axiom® TL (Tissue Level) implants

Mrs A, with no significant medical history, comes to see us for complete fixed maxillary rehabilitation. She currently wears a complete removable denture, totally unsatisfactory from an aesthetic and a functional perspective. We propose the screw-retained bridge on 6 Axiom® TL (Tissue Level) implants using inLink® technology. Considering the bone volume, we suggest loading the implants in 48 hours with a temporary fixed prosthesis.

1- Pre-operative panoramic X-ray.

2- Pre-operative clinical situation.

3- Checking parallelism.

4- Axiom® TL (Tissue Level) implant.

5- Healing screw in place.

6- Luxabite to solidify transfers.

7- Healing screw in place after impression.

8- Temporary prosthesis, 3 guiding fixation locks have been inserted to aid placement.

9- Follow-up 10 days later. Photo taken after removing the prosthesis.

10-11- Impression taken for permanent prosthesis (4.0 mm transfers).

11- View of analogues in impression.

12- CAD model of final prosthesis.

13- Final prosthesis – 4 guiding locks have been inserted to aid placement of the prosthesis in the mouth.

14- Final prosthesis in the mouth.

15- Final prosthesis, palatal view. The screw channels are ideally placed, outside the occlusal contact points.

16- Panoramic X-ray, permanent prosthesis in the mouth.

17- Patient’s final smile.


The placement of Axiom® TL (Tissue Level) implants has been a true advantage in the treatment of this patient, from a surgical standpoint, thanks to simplified protocols, and from a biological perspective, for the perfect healing obtained and the respect of the biological space.