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Dr Philippe


Toulouse - France



Atelier Dentaire dental lab

Axiom® TL (Tissue Level) in posterior mandible

A 60-year-old patient presenting with Bilateral edentulous posterior mandible. Four Axiom® TL implants, Tissue Level will be placed taking into account the low aesthetic impact at the collar of the mandibular molar region and of the good condition of the soft tissues. The implants are placed in raw bone of adequate volume and intermediate density. The prosthesis will start three months after the surgical phase.

1- Opening the flap.

2- Placement of Axiom® TL implants, Tissue Level, platform 4.8 mm.

3- Situation 15 days after surgery.

4- Gum healing before impression.

5- 4.8 mm diameter transfers.

6- Plaster model.

7- CAD model of the two Simeda® prostheses.

8- Fitting the frame.

9-Fitting the frame: occlusal view.

10- Final prosthesis and inLink® inLink® lock system.

11- Final situation: occlusal view.

12- Final situation.

13- Post-loading follow-up X-ray – Sector 4.

14- Post-loading follow-up X-ray – Sector 3.

15- Follow-up X-ray 1 year after loading – Sector 4.

16- Follow-up X-ray 1 year after loading – Sector 3.


Axiom® TL (Tissue Level) implants promote the formation of the biological space as soon as the healing process starts, without ever delaying it during the prosthetic phases (removal of healing or temporary screws). In this clinical situation, we observe that the periimplant soft tissues and bone response are preserved: the surrounding gums are healthy and the bone level is perfect.